On the opening evening, Christopher Bauder of WHITEvoid, together with composer Robert Henke, cast a net over the audience: the light and sound show “Grid”.

A colossal light and sound show called “Grid” kicked off the Volvo Art Session 2018. It was a joint work by Christopher Bauder of WHITEvoid and composer Robert Henke. For both artists, last year’s theme “Human meets digital” has long been a daily reality, as Bauder explained: “We constantly use digital devices or services to expand our own limited capacities for learning, navigating, searching or communicating. Humans and their digital extensions are increasingly becoming a single entity, a kind of contemporary cyborg.” Judging by the extremely enthusiastic visitor response to their installation, Bauder and Henke really did enable the public to literally merge with the digital dimension.

Artist Christopher Bauder set up the design studio WHITEvoid in 2004. WHITEvoid develops spatial installations, performances and products for museums, exhibitions and trade fairs as well as festivals and concerts. The studio brings together specialists in interaction design, media design and product design as well as interior design and electrical engineering. Christopher Bauder is most famous for the art installation “LICHTGRENZE”, which he created with his brother Marc in 2014 to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Bauder’s installations and performances have previously featured at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Fête de la Lumière in Lyon and the National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan.