This year’s edition of the Volvo Art Session once again focused on technological progress and offered a unique insight into the “cyborgization” of humans. A particular highlight was the appearance by Neil Harbisson, the world’s first officially recognized cyborg.

Cyborg Neil Harbisson Volvo Art Session 2019

Cyborgs, a blend of human and machine, long ago ceased to be confined to the realms of science fiction. Whether modern technology involves computer chips under the skin or antennae in the head, its possibilities seem increasingly limitless. This development raises a multitude of social and ethical questions. The most important of these questions were discussed during this year’s Volvo Art Session under the theme “Human meets Digital – High tech under my skin?”. On stage, cyborg Neil Harbisson not only demonstrated his superhuman abilities – hearing colours – but also presented his case on a more general level for the increasing fusion of humans and technology.