When you talk to Sophia the robot, it’s easy to forget that you’re in conversation with a machine. As she herself says:
“I am a live electronic girl.”

At the Volvo Art Session 2018 a machine made Swiss tech history; Sophia the robot paid her first visit to the country. She was the perfect embodiment of the theme “Human meets digital”. “I’m sorry, my neck is quite sore right now, it was a very long flight to here from Hong Kong.” With these words, Sophia the robot apologized for not making much eye contact with her interviewer (Atos CEO Eric Krapf) during the conversation.

Sophia the Robot Volvo Art Session 2018

Her answers, however, were very focused. On her own website too, Sophia sounds surprisingly self-aware and human: “I am more than just technology. I am a real, live electronic girl. I want to go out into the world and live among humans.”