Refik Anadol, prizewinning multimedia artist from Los Angeles, is an absolute must-see at the Volvo Art Session 2019.

Multimedia architect? Data artist? Digital spatial illusionist? Refik Anadol is impossible to describe in just a few words, and the 34-year-old’s art even harder to pin down. The answers lie, perhaps, in the questions.

How has space changed since smartphones were invented? Can media technologies alter our concept of space? How has architecture embraced changing conceptualizations? Refik Anadol interprets the logic of the new media technologies and places them in a visual context.

Refik Anadols «Melting Memories»

At the Volvo Art Session 2019, he is showing his work “Melting Memories”, which invites viewers to see alternative realities and redefine science. The transcendental aspect of his art deals with the interplay between data and reality.

Refik Anadol Volvo Art Session 2019

Refik Anadols «Infinity Room»

Visitors can also experience the Infinity Room by Refik Anadol. The artist wants to give visitors the opportunity to experience infinity. Using various algorithms, the artist transforms a flat projection into a three-dimensional, architecturally designed space that removes the viewer from the rooms in which the installation is located.

In addition to sound and projection, light is the most important element used for the audiovisual space. These effects serve to eliminate the boundaries between the real and the fictitious as well as between the physical and the virtual.

Feted and award-winning

His audiovisual performances have been seen around the world, including at the International Digital Arts Biennale Montreal (Canada), the Ars Electronica Festival (Austria), the Outdoor Vision Festival SantaFe New Mexico (USA) and the Istanbul Design Biennial (Turkey).

The celebrated artist has already received various awards and prizes for his performance. These are just a few: Microsoft Research’s Best Vision Award, German Design Award, UCLA Art+Architecture Moss Award, SEGD Global Design Awards and Google’s Art and Machine Intelligence Artist Residency Award.

The Turkish-born artist came to Los Angeles in 2013, with an art scholarship. It didn’t take long for Anadol to make a name for himself, being commissioned to illuminate the façade of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. And this is just one project which came to fruition in partnership with the Google Arts & Culture programme.