Gerd often points out that the future is already here – we just haven’t paid enough attention to it. “Many of us are far too busy coping with present challenges to explore the future in any real depth – and when we do, our hopes and fears often run away with us, resulting either in utopias or in dystopias”. 

Gerd Leonard Volvo Art Session 2019For countless individuals and organizations around the globe the solution to this challenge is calling upon Gerd Leonhard. A musician by origin, and a digital music entrepreneur in the 1990s, Gerd connects technology and humanity – algorithms and androrithms– for a 360-degree coverage of the multiple futures that present themselves at any one time.

Gerd Leonhard Volvo Art Session 2019This is his latest short film sharing some thoughts on his #1 speaking topic: humans versus/with machines, artificial intelligence and the future of humanity in a world where machines can hear, see, speak, learn and ‘think’.

Gerd Leonhard at the Volvo Art Session 2019

Gerd is a leading Futurist & Humanist, a global Keynote Speaker, the Author of ‘Technology vs Humanity’ and a Film-Maker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in London, and the CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland. “Embrace technology but don’t become it” is his credo.