Neil Harbisson se définit à la fois comme un être humain et comme un cyborg. Il se considère comme un être hybride issu de la technologie, une trans-espèce, et ne se sent plus 100% humain. Dans ses créations, il explore l’identité, la perception humaine, le lien entre l’image et le son et le recours à de nouvelles influences sensorielles.

Avec ses conférences innovantes, Neil Harbisson réussit toujours à inspirer les gens dans le monde entier et à les inciter à réfléchir.

Amazing, hugely inspiring – Les réactions aux apparitions de Neil Harbisson

“I just wanted to use this chance to say thank
you for Neil’s active participation and presentation during this year’s Digital2018. The feedback which I received was outstanding! It was a very important piece to the overall success of the entire event.”
DIGITAL2018 Cologne, November 2018

“It was a great honor for us to meet Neil in person and hear his stories in Seoul. We have been getting lots of feedback from participants who attended the event and they all have mentioned his talk was amazing. MBN Y Forum secretariat would like to express our warmest gratitude to you for joining this forum once again.”
MBN Y FORUM Seoul, February 2018

“Neil’s speech was amazing and I’m very happy to let you know that the feedback from the audience is outstanding – they enjoyed his talk because it was thought-provoking, hugely inspiring, with deep insights and great humour!.”
EUROPEAN TREND DAY Zurich, March 2018

“Thank you once again for helping us make the inaugural Future Port Prague 2017 a great success! Neil’s story touched many at the festival and he is a truly interesting person. He drew quite the attention of our Czech media.”
FUTURE PORT PRAGUE Prague, September 2017