For the first time, Sophia the robot brought artificial intelligence to the stage at the Volvo Art Session 2018 and, in front of a huge audience, stole the show from her interviewers. Swede Andreas Wannerstedt, Russian artists’ collective Kuflex, and WhiteVoid from Berlin also amazed guests with their works.

She learns more every day, chats and blogs about her experiences, gives speeches at the UN – and all with a twinkle in her eye: Sophia, the world’s most human robot, made history with her appearance at the Volvo Art Session 2018.

Sophia the Robot an der Volvo Art Session 2018

Christopher Bauder of design studio WHITEvoid and composer Robert Henke also combined digital and real worlds in the ten-minute eruption of light and sound called “Grid”. Their performance undoubtedly etched itself in the minds of many visitors.

Andreas Wannerstedt, the third headliner at the Volvo Art Session 2018, also made a lasting impression on the public: his aim was to create a feeling with his 3D animations which he describes as “oddly satisfying”. And he certainly succeeded.

Finally, visitors could properly immerse themselves in digital art in the interactive installation “Quantum Space” by Moscow artists’ collective Kuflex.